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The ASSESS Approach

Our assessment centres are designed, developed and implemented using an approach called ‘ASSESS’. This methodology ensures that each project is carefully managed so that candidates are assessed as efficiently as possible without over-engineering the process. We start by developing a thorough understanding of the job role and the skills, abilities and personality characteristics required, using either standard or clients’ own competency frameworks. We use a combination of off-the-shelf and bespoke assessment exercises depending on the areas needing to be assessed. The assessment centre matrix is developed so that each competency is assessed by at least two assessment methods. Timetables are developed to allow sufficient contingency time but without candidates waiting around unnecessarily.

Select the most effective exercises (interviews, role plays, group exercises etc.), designing bespoke exercises where required.

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Scoring - as each exercise is completed, candidates are scored against pre-determined criteria. Scores are collated so that all the data can be integrated.

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Structure and plan the assessment day(s). We develop the timetable and schedule resources including rooms, assessors and materials.

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Summary - all candidates’ results are reviewed and a succinct summary report produced.

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Exercises - we run the exercises on the assessment day(s), ensuring that all candidates are objectively assessed.

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Analyse the job role and identify the key skills and abilities required for the role.

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