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Assessment Centres - Select

ASSESS - Select Exercises

We identify the most effective exercises, either off-the-shelf or bespoke. Ideally we select around 3-5 exercises so that all the competencies are measured twice. Some of the most popular exercises are shown below.


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Group Discussion

A scenario based exercise used to observe group interactions and ability to work with others to solve a problem

Work Sample

A test to measure specific aspects of a job completed under standardised conditions

Competency Based Interviews

A structured interview focusing on an interviewee’s qualities, abilities and experiences in certain job related competencies

Situational Judgement Tests

A test of judgement using hypothetical situations relevant to the role

Role Plays

Scenario based exercises used to replicate situations which they would be expected to deal with in the role

Ability Testing

An assessment of an individual’s cognitive reasoning ability

Personality Testing

An assessment of an individual’s typical behaviour, style and preferences

Emotional Intelligence

An assessment of an individual’s emotional and social functioning

Bespoke Exercises

Assessments specifically designed to meet your requirements

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