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The Decision Style Profile empowers leaders to make better decisions by enlightening them on how to choose the most effective and appropriate decision-making styles for given situations. Each participant is asked to make several real-world business decisions. A personalised report compares the participant’s chosen decision-making styles to the most appropriate styles, backed by extensive research and a current database of over 20,000 executives and managers. The Decision Style Profile evaluates the appropriateness with which participants include others in the decision-making process as well as the extent to which they consider five decision factors.

Directing -  When using the directing style, decision makers rely completely on their own judgment. They assume that they understand the situation and have all the information needed to make a good decision.

Fact Finding - When using the fact finding style, decision makers identify specific information they need to make the decision.

Investigating - When using the investigating style, the decision makers share the situation and solicit input in the form of suggestions and possible courses of action.  

Collaborating - When collaborating, the decision makers solicit input from all stakeholders (e.g., team, group or individuals) that they identify as having a key interest in the decision and its outcome.

Teaming - With the teaming style, the decision makers turn to the key stakeholders to share equally  in the decision-making process.


To become a qualified user of the Change Style Indicator, Psysoft offer a blended certification which can be completed remotely in three steps:

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