Online Courses

Online Courses

We provide a range of modular digital courses developed by qualified occupational psychologists. These courses are suitable for HR professionals and line managers in organisations who are either recruiting new employees or developing existing staff. Once completed, we will send each delegate an attendance certificate by email.


  • A collection of engaging online modules

  • Available from any location with an Internet connection

  • Accessible anytime 24/7

  • Users have access for 3 months

  • Downloadable course notes 

Developing your Emotional Intelligence

Course overview

  • This interactive and engaging course will help employees to understand emotional intelligence and how they can develop it in the workplace.


  • 4 modules (2-3 hours)


Interviewing and Assessing Candidates

Course overview

  • This course provides your employees with the knowledge required to develop skills in assessment centre design and competency-based interviewing.


  • 7 modules (2-3 hours)


Psychometric Testing

Course overview

  • This course provides an overview of psychometric testing, what types there are, and how they should be used. It explains the key areas of test selection, scoring, norming, reliability, validity and best practice.


  • 6 modules (2-3 hours)