Psychometric Testing Service

Psychometric Testing Service - Psycentre

Psysoft provides a convenient and efficient psychometric testing service using a broad range of psychometric tests from the UK’s leading test publishers.  These include tests of personality, motivation, emotional intelligence and cognitive ability.

Using these tests in your selection process can help you to find out more about your candidates’ suitability for the job role.

You can select one of our popular test packages or alternatively choose your own combination of individual tests.

Selecting Tests

By choosing a combination of tests measuring different job-related skills, you can gain additional evidence of probable future job performance. If you’re not sure which tests are most suitable, please contact us to discuss. You may also send us details of the job role (e.g. job description, person specification etc.) and we will provide free guidance.

  • Personality questionnaires are used to assess a person’s typical style, preferences and behaviour. This is very useful to find out if a candidate is likely to feel comfortable in a specific role and whether they are likely to perform well.

  • Emotional intelligence tests identify a person’s ability to understand their own emotions and the emotions of their work colleagues. This is particularly useful when making decisions or managing stressful situations.

  • Motivation questionnaires are used to gain insight into candidates’ sources of motivation - this provides key information in understanding what drives an employee towards good performance.

  • Ability tests are designed to measure an individual’s cognitive ability by assessing what they are currently capable of doing. Examples include tests of numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning.

Select Package

Our packages include: 


  • Professional - for many standard job roles

  • Leadership - for senior management / executive positions

  • Sales - for professional sales roles

Assess Candidates

When you’ve decided on the tests required, please send us your candidates’ names and email addresses and we will administer the tests. We can customise the candidates’ test invitation text and inform them of the required completion date. We will send you the candidates' results.

For full details, please visit the Psycentre website.