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BPS Test User, Ability

Level A psychometric test training

Test User: Occupational, Ability

The course (previously known as 'Level A training') will qualify you in the fundamentals of psychometric testing. Accredited and verified by the British Psychological Society (BPS), this course will qualify you to use ability tests from all the UK’s main publishers. It is also nationally recognised and aligned with the standards of competence defined by the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA).

If you would also like to become qualified in personality testing, you may be interested in completing the additional Test User: Occupational, Personality qualification.

Benefits of completing the BPS Test User: Occupational, Ability Qualification:

  • Receive a nationally recognised qualification in test use 

  • Gain access to a range of ability and psychometric tests from UK test publishers 

  • Join the BPS Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU)

  • Develop your understanding of psychometric testing

Certification Programme

Test User: Occupational, Ability (TUA) e-learning

Complete the TUA e-learning modules (4 hours) which provide an introduction to ability and personality testing including choosing tests, scoring, norms, reliability and validity.

TUA Quizzes  

Complete a set of questions (2 hours) to test your knowledge.

TUA Recruitment Case Study

Complete a case study exercise (2 hours) and apply what you have learnt to a recruitment context.

TUA Live Online Session

Attend an online session with one of our consultants (1 hour) to discuss your TUA progress and to complete two live exercises - administering an ability test and providing feedback.

Course Content

Through a mixture of independent and online learning, this qualification covers a range of  topics including:


  • An Introduction to Psychometric Testing

  • Reliability and Validity

  • Describing and Transforming Test Scores

  • Best Practice and Fair Selection

  • Test Administration and Feedback

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