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Sales AP & CS AP Certification

Sales AP & CS AP Certification Training


The Sales Aptitude Profile measures 8 competencies related to success in sales roles and can be used for recruitment and development purposes.

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The Customer Service Aptitude Profile measures 7competencies related to success in customer service roles and can be used for recruitment and development purposes.

Certification Process

To become qualified in either the Sales or CS AP, you will need to complete the online certification. Both of these certification programmes aim to build your knowledge of the product and help you effectively administer and interpret the assessments. 


 The training for either of these products involves the following steps:

  • Registration - you will be given your login details to begin the certification process.

  • Assessment - you will be sent a link to complete the relevant assessment for yourself and you will then be sent your report. 

  • Independent Learning - you will be able to build your knowledge of the assessment using online training modules and resources. 

Certification Content

As part of your certification, you will have access to the following:

  • Online Training Modules - Two online modules providing an overview of the product competencies, scoring and report features and interpretation.  

  • User Guide - A comprehensive guide to help you understand and administer the relevant product, including guidelines for use and a step-by-step interpretation of the available reports.

  • Technical Manual - A detailed manual with information related to the theory, development, standardisation, reliability, validity and fairness of the relevant assessment.

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