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Job interview

Recruitment Services

Gain further insight with our recruitment services

We provide additional recruitment services to help you better understand the results of your chosen psychometric assessments in relation to the role. 

Wondering which assessments to use?

A summary report, providing insight into a candidate's suitability for the role.

Job-Fit Reports

A debrief session with one of our consultants to explain your candidates' assessment results.

Client Debriefs

A session to provide feedback directly to candidates about their results.


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We will help you to identify the most suitable assessments for the role and enhance your recruitment process.

Job-Fit Reports

Job fit

Our consultants will evaluate your candidates' fit to the role, based on their psychometric assessment results. 

Option 1: Summary Report

We will provide a summary of the assessments taken, along with strengths, potential concerns, and interview questions for each of the candidates. 

Option 2: Competency Mapping

We will map your chosen assessments to Psysoft’s PETAL competency framework and highlight the candidate’s likely performance in relation to each competency.

The PETAL Competency Framework:

PETAL Competency Model.png

Option 3: Bespoke Competency Mapping

We also provide a bespoke competency mapping service, where we will map the chosen psychometric assessments to your own competency framework.

Debrief Sessions


We help you to fully understand your candidates’ results with a debrief session. This will give you the confidence to use their results in an interview and probe more deeply into areas of potential concern. 

Candidate Feedback


Our consultants can provide 1-2-1 feedback directly to your candidates to help them understand their results.

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