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Entrepreneurial Edge

About the Entrepreneurial Edge

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Striving towards success, whether you’re innovating within an organisation as an intrapreneur or building your own company as an entrepreneur, is no small feat. The Entrepreneurial Edge measures the competencies needed for entrepreneurial success and provides a robust understanding of those competencies that are imperative to one's success in any endeavour that can benefit from an entrepreneurial understanding or perspective. This assessment has been designed to fill the gap in the entrepreneur world. Knowing your entrepreneurial self is an asset as critical as having the financial resources to start or grow your venture. 


Innovation within organisations operates in cycles, which can be broken down into four distinct stages:

INNOVATING: This stage lasts from the time an individual begins developing an idea up to the point of launch. They must generate novel ideas, develop their vision for their innovation, and begin to make the preparations they need for a successful launch. 

MARKETING: This stage begins with the release of the intrapreneur’s product or service. An intrapreneur must work tirelessly to promote their product or service. Listening to their users (stakeholders, customers, employees), they must be prepared to quickly adapt to market or internal demands. 

GROWING: Once an intrapreneur’s idea has achieved acceptance, they may now look at all of the information they have gained from their success and look ahead towards expanding their innovation. They must strategically plan for their growth and may need to bring others in to help. 

RENEWING: This stage begins once growth and sales have leveled off. At this stage, many intrapreneurs risk stagnation or a decline in acceptance or profitability and some may choose to spin off their venture into its own business. The best remedy is a renewing of intrapreneurial ideas to create new success.

Entrepreneurial Edge Certification

To use the Entrepreneurial Edge, you need to complete a light-touch online certification including access to online training modules and an opportunity to complete your own Entrepreneurial Edge assessment. Contact us for more details. 

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Entrepreneurial Edge Resources

The Intrapreneur Report has been tailored for those looking to innovate within an organisation. Explore what each of the entrepreneurial competencies mean from an intrapreneurial perspective and gain insight on how to leverage strengths and what development opportunities are pertinent to an intrapreneur’s success. It identifies 12 competencies necessary for success in the four distinct stages. They have been arranged along 4 action modes: managing self, creating strategy, leveraging mindset and building relationships.

Further information, including sample reports, can be found on the Resources page.

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