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Pearman Certification

Certification for the Pearman Personality Integrator

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Pearman Personality Integrator Certification

To become certified in the Pearman, we offer a 2-day workshop. Alternatively for a group of people in your organisation, we offer in-house certification workshops and distance learning options.

Course Content

  • Personality type theory and Jung's contribution to personality

  • Pearman personality type indicator model 

  • Eight mental functions and examples

  • The Flex Index and examples

  • Pearman interpretation and feedback

  • Explaining the benefits of the Pearman to clients


Certification Process

  • Pearman assessment and feedback

  • E-learning modules

  • 2-day workshop

  • Online, multiple-choice exam

  • Access to the portal


If you are interested in becoming qualified, please contact us.


“A really interesting tool with some quality pre-course work to get you going. An interesting psychometric tool that offers a good mix of trait and type-based approaches to personality. This new tool gives insights into key concepts such as introversion/extraversion, information-processing and decision-making style, intuition, natural style and demonstrated behaviours. It also measures the extent to which we have agility and resilience to solve problems, stay calm, connected with others and seek out new experiences. In all, a great tool, packaged in a highly accessible, attractive format that can be attuned to the client's needs by, for instance, applying a leadership focus, or a development lens”.

Jan De Jonge | Business Psychologist

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