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Influence Style Indicator

About the Influence Style Indicator

The Influence Style Indicator (ISI) defines influence as “the interpersonal behaviours that we use to have a positive impact on another party’s choices.”


Using this definition, the Influence Style Indicator measures an individual’s preferred styles as they influence others. The assessment assesses the respondent’s dominant and under-utilised influencing styles, also how to identify others’ preferred styles.

  • Asserting: You advocate by debate, insisting your ideas are heard and challenging the ideas of others

  • Inspiring: You advocate by presenting a sense of shared purpose and exciting possibilities 

  • Bridging: You advocate by connecting, building relationships and coalitions

  • Negotiating: You advocate through comparisons, concessions and trade-offs to reach outcomes that satisfy your greater interest

  • Rationalising: You advocate by offering logic, rational reasons and data

If you would like to take the ISI and receive feedback, or if you would like a team to take the ISI and receive feedback then please contact us

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Influence Style Indicator Certification (UK)

We offer remote training in the ISI through independent learning and a one-to-one webinar session.

Influence Style Indicator Resources

The ISI provides personalised reports for individuals based on their influencing style preferences. This report details individual strengths and challenges, strategies to address underutilized styles and tips for influencing others effectively.

If you are working with a team or group, there is also the option to combine individual scores into a group report. 

Further information, including sample reports, can be found on the Resources page. 

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