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Hardiness Resilience Gauge

About the Hardiness Resilience Gauge

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The Hardiness Resilience Gauge™ (HRG™) is based on over 30 years of research and development and provides valuable insight into an individual’s level of hardiness and their ability to cope with stressful and unexpected situations. Research has documented the protective nature of hardiness -
people who are higher in hardiness are less likely to experience the negative effects of stress on performance and health. Those high in hardiness are not invulnerable to stress, but they do not experience the same degree of negative stress-related outcomes as those who are low in hardiness.

Formally known as the Dispositional Resilience Scale (DRS), the HRG is used internationally and has a long history of successful use with various groups, including employees and leaders within organisations, military personnel, law enforcement, healthcare personnel, students, and athletes. Leaders who cultivate characteristics of hardiness have more cohesive teams that are better able to adapt to stress and adversity and are more resilient to change.

The Hardiness Resilience Gauge (HRG) measures how effectively a person can cope with stress. The assessment provides a Total Hardiness score in addition to scores measuring three qualities that are instrumental for predicting how resilient an individual will be. These three qualities are referred to as Challenge, Control and Commitment.


Challenge: Seeing change and new experiences as exciting opportunities to learn and develop. 

Control: Belief in one's ability to control or influence events and outcomes.

Commitment: Tendency to see the world and day-to-day activities as interesting, meaningful and having purpose.

Hardiness Resilience Gauge Certification (UK)

We offer training in the HRG via independent learning and a one-to-one webinar session.

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Hardiness Resilience Gauge Resources

The HRG individual report is designed for use in a wide variety of coaching and development situations. It focuses on the impact of a person’s hardiness across multiple domains in their life. The HRG report is customised based on the client’s responses, resulting in a personalised, actionable experience complete with developmental strategies to increase hardiness. The report also highlights potential consequences of imbalances within an individual’s hardiness profile and gives information about how people can facilitate hardiness in those around them.

Further information, including sample reports, can be found on the Resources page. 

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