HUCAMA Factors

About HUCAMA Factors

HUCAMA Factors builds on existing ability, personality and competency research to predict and develop performance in the workplace. 

This comprehensive assessment solution includes:

  • HUCAMA Ability Factors

  • HUCAMA Personality Factors

  • HUCAMA Competency Factors


HUCAMA Ability Factors

HUCAMA Ability Factors assesses how an individual processes information to predict their cognitive performance in a role. 

This ability test includes the following 3 components, each lasting 8 minutes:

  • Diagrammatic Matrices: Ability to infer relationships between objects.

  • Number Series: Ability to infer relationships between numbers.

  • Spatial Reasoning: Ability to mentally rotate 3-dimensional shapes.

HUCAMA Ability Factors is suitable for universal application across all roles and measures both the speed and accuracy with which an individual has completed the assessment.

HUCAMA Personality Factors

Consisting of 8 factors and 48 facets, HUCAMA Personality Factors identifies an individual's dispositional traits and preferences in the workplace. 

These 8 personality factors are:

  • Investigation

  • Structure

  • Support

  • Confidence

  • Drive

  • Creativity

  • Interaction

  • Influence

This assessment is aligned with the HUCAMA Competency Factors and enables the prediction of competencies and capabilities.

HUCAMA PF48 Model no reasoning_edited.png

HUCAMA Competency Factors

HUCAMA Competency Factors combines the Great 8 Competencies with advances in personality research to identify 48 competencies at work. These are grouped into 8 competency factors that are applicable to most professional and managerial roles and are aligned with the HUCAMA Personality Factors model.


This assessment also allows individuals to nominate external raters to provide feedback on their performance in the workplace.

The 8 competency factors are:

  • Evaluating Information

  • Structuring Work

  • Supporting Individuals

  • Coping with Pressure

  • Driving Success

  • Creating Solutions

  • Interacting with People

  • Exerting Influence

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HUCAMA Factors Accreditation

We provide training in the HUCAMA Factors for experienced test users via a one-day, online workshop.

HUCAMA Factors Assessment

If you, or your team, would like to complete any of the HUCAMA Factors assessments, then please contact us for more details.