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HUCAMA Factors

About HUCAMA Factors

Use the HUCAMA suite of assessments to predict and develop performance in the workplace.

The HUCAMA Factors toolset builds on many years of research on personality, ability and competency to predict and develop job performance at all levels in the workplace. 


Launched in 2022, these tools were developed by Dr Rainer Kurz with his extensive experience in creating psychometric assessments for SHL, Saville Assessment and Cubiks.

This comprehensive assessment solution includes:

HUCAMA Factors logo

HUCAMA Ability Factors

HUCAMA Personality Factors

HUCAMA Competency Factors

The HUCAMA Factors assessment suite can be used in a range of contexts, including recruitment, management and coaching.

Use HUCAMA Factors to:

  • Develop leadership potential

  • Predict future job performance

  • Improve recruitment decisions

  • Identify people’s strengths and development areas

  • Discover and develop top talent

  • Build successful teams

  • Enhance self-awareness

  • Facilitate coaching conversations

Benefits of HUCAMA Factors

Provides valuable insights into the potential and performance of individuals and teams in the workplace

Supported by decades of global research, including the Big 5 personality model and Great 8 competencies

Integrates concepts such as emotional intelligence, leadership and derailment risks

Offers multiple in-depth reports, including Competency Prediction, Primary Colours Leadership, Team Roles and a 360-degree competency report

Includes assessment solutions for different levels and job roles within an organisation

Can be used across the entire employee life cycle, from recruitment and selection through to development and redeployment

HUCAMA Ability Factors

Predict success with this cognitive ability test.

HUCAMA Ability Factors assesses how an individual processes information to predict their cognitive performance in a role. 

This ability test includes the following 3 components, each lasting 8 minutes:

  • Diagrammatic Matrices: Ability to infer relationships between objects

  • Number Series: Ability to infer relationships between numbers

  • Spatial Reasoning: Ability to mentally rotate 3-dimensional shapes

HUCAMA Ability Factors is suitable for universal application across all roles and measures both the speed and accuracy with which an individual has completed the assessment. The test uses non-verbal questions to minimise the advantage of prior language knowledge, which helps to reduce cultural bias.

Key Assessment Features:

  • Online administration and scoring

  • 24 minutes to complete

  • 60 questions

  • Norm group options - General or Professionals & Managers

  • Shorter version available for screening & follow up testing


HUCAMA Personality Factors


Identify people's preferences with this personality assessment.

Personality preferences drive our behaviour and can be used to predict performance and potential in the workplace. 


Consisting of 8 factors, HUCAMA Personality Factors identifies an individual's dispositional traits and outlines key strengths and possible overuse risks for their extreme preferences.

This assessment is aligned with HUCAMA Competency Factors and enables the prediction of competencies and capabilities.

The full assessment (also known as the executive level) measures 48 personality facets, grouped into the 8 factors. You can also choose to use the shorter versions of the assessment: either the professional level (measuring 32 facets) or the general level (measuring 16 facets).

Key Assessment Features:

  • Online administration and scoring

  • 240 items in 30 minutes

  • Shorter versions available for different job levels

  • Available in multiple languages, including: English, German, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, French, Spanish, Romanian and Chinese (Simplified)

The 8 Personality Factors are:

PF Model v2.png

One assessment, multiple reports

HUCAMA Personality Factors allows you to generate multiple report outputs after completing just one assessment. These include:

  • Competency Prediction Report – Predicts an individual’s competencies using their personality preferences.

  • Role Wheel Report – Highlights an individual's preferred role (e.g. within a team).

  • Primary Colours Leadership Report – Explores the impact of an individual’s personality on their leadership style and effectiveness, using the Primary Colours Leadership Model.

Role Wheel.png
HUCAMA Leadership model.png

An in-depth, dynamic expert report is also available to qualified practitioners. The report includes additional features such as item responses.

HUCAMA Competency Factors

Gain objective feedback with this 360-degree tool.

HUCAMA Competency Factors combines the Great 8 Competencies with advances in personality research to identify 48 competencies at work. These are grouped into 8 competency factors that are applicable to most professional and managerial roles and are aligned with the HUCAMA Personality Factors model.


The assessment includes 360-degree functionality, allowing individuals to nominate external raters to provide feedback on their performance in the workplace. Qualified practitioners can then use the computer-generated reports to explore gaps between self and others' perception of work-related competency.

The 8 Competency Factors are:​​

HUCAMA Competency Factors model

HUCAMA Factors Accreditation

We provide training in HUCAMA Factors via live online training sessions.

We also provide a one-day conversion course for experienced test users.

HUCAMA Factors Assessment

If you, or your team, would like to complete any of the HUCAMA Factors assessments, then please contact us for more details.

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