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Customer Service Aptitude Profile

About the Customer Service Aptitude Profile

The Customer Service Aptitude Profile (CS AP) measures the competencies needed for success in customer service roles. 


The performance of customer service professionals can directly impact customer satisfaction and an organisation’s reputation. Based on previous research, this assessment can help individuals, coaches and organisations to hire effective customer service professionals and develop their existing employees. 

The 7 competencies measured in the CS AP are:

  • Achievement Motivation - Using one’s inner drive to apply the effort needed to attain strategic goals

  • Composure - Staying calm under pressure and in difficult interactions

  • Cooperativeness - The level of comfort in working with others towards a common goal or purpose

  • Customer Orientation - Having a desire to help others while being sensitive to, and understanding of, their feelings
    and needs

  • Sociability - Engaging with others and developing relationships effortlessly

  • Self Confidence - The level of belief one has in their own abilities and judgments

  • Upselling - Involves active strategies to increase value by suggesting additional products and services to customers

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Customer Service Aptitude Profile Certification

We offer online certification in the CS AP which includes access to online learning modules and resources.

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Customer Service Aptitude Profile Reports

The CS AP can be used for recruitment or development purposes and has two report options available. 

CS AP Interview Guide: This report is designed to help you make informed hiring decisions by highlighting a candidate's strengths and weaknesses and providing interview questions for each competency. 

CS AP Development Report: This report is designed to help customer service professionals develop their competencies and leverage their strengths. The report includes strategies that can be used in a coaching or development context.

Sample reports, along with additional information, can be found on the Resources page. 

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