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Discovery Leadership Profile (360°)

About the Discovery Leadership Profile (360°)

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The Discovery Leadership Profile (DLP) is a 360 degree assessment that measures 10 leadership competencies. These competencies are:

•    Direction & Strategy
•    Follow Through & Accountability
•    Communication & Influence
•    Developing & Mentoring Others
•    Self Management
•    Business Management
•    Team Management
•    Change and Innovation
•    Trust & Integrity
•    Decision Making & Problem Solving


By comparing a leader's self-perception to the perception of others, including bosses, peers and direct reports, the DLP provides people with the opportunity to better understand their strengths and potential areas for development.

The DLP includes:

  • A 'Do More/ Do Less' feature allowing raters to indicate whether they want the person to do more or less of a particular behaviour

  • Up to five open ended questions that can be customised to a participant's situation

  • A comparison of the participant's feedback to managers on the DLP database

  • The Maximising Results workbook which helps the participant interpret their results, identify development needs and create individual action plans

Discovery Leadership Profile Certification

We offer training in the DLP via independent learning and a one-to-one webinar session.

Discovery Leadership Profile Resources

The DLP report presents the scores from each rater group using circumplexes. The report also details individual items, the highest and lowest scoring items and answers to any open ended questions. 


It is also possible to generate a group report which combines the scores of individuals to create a valuable picture of collective strengths and developmental opportunities.

Sample reports can be found on the Resources page. 

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