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HUCAMA Factors Accreditation

HUCAMA Factors is a comprehensive assessment suite that enables the prediction and development of job performance and success at work. These assessments are suitable for all organisational levels and can be used in both recruitment and development contexts.

HUCAMA Factors includes:

  • HUCAMA Ability Factors

  • HUCAMA Personality Factors

  • HUCAMA Competency Factors

HUCAMA Factors Accreditation (UK)

To become certified in the HUCAMA Factors assessments, we provide a one-day, online workshop with one of our qualified Psysoft consultants. 

Our training involves the following steps:

  • Registration - you will be given your login details to begin the certification process.

  • HUCAMA Factors assessments - you will be sent a link to complete each of the HUCAMA Factor assessments online before the training.

  • Online Workshop - you will attend a one-day workshop which covers all 3 assessments and provides an overview of the HUCAMA model and its development, the available reports, group discussions and feedback practice.

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Accreditation Requirements

This workshop is intended for experienced psychometric test users who hold the BPS Test User: Occupational, Ability & Personality or equivalent qualification.