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EQ-i 2.0 & EQ 360 Training
Certification for EQ-i 2.0 & EQ 360 assessments

EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessment 

The EQ-i 2.0 is the leading emotional intelligence assessment used in recruitment, coaching and leadership development. The EQ-i 2.0 provides an in-depth understanding of an individual's emotional functioning in five broad areas:

  • Self-perception

  • Self-expression

  • Interpersonal

  • Decision Making

  • Stress Management

The EQ-i 2.0 is used within organisations:

  • to recruit highly emotionally intelligent individuals

  • to identify talent with the potential for promotion and to support their growth

  • to develop managers in people skills to support their technical competencies

  • to improve team performance

  • to support leadership development programmes with one-to-one coaching


The EQ 360 assessment provides a more in-depth analysis by gathering information from an individual's work colleagues, manager and direct reports, resulting in a more complete 360-degree profile.

Benefits of becoming a qualified EQ-i 2.0 practitioner


There are many benefits of becoming qualified including:

  • gaining a widely-respected qualification in a scientifically-validated emotional intelligence assessment

  • developing expertise in understanding and developing individuals' emotional intelligence

  • acquiring International Coach Federation (ICF) CCE credits: 9.25 Core Competencies, 6.75 Resource Development

  • receiving a copy of The EQ Edge by Dr Steven Stein

  • eligibility to register with the British Psychological Society (BPS) (some additional work required)

EQ-i 2 0 Model
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Psysoft EQ-i 2.0 Certification Training 

Psysoft is the UK's leading EQ-i 2.0 certification training provider, having trained thousands of clients in psychometric testing and the EQ-i since we started in 2009. We are focused on delivering the highest quality training so that you leave the course with the confidence to use the tools effectively. 

After completing our certification course, we continue to provide ongoing complimentary support to help you use and interpret the EQ-i 2.0 & EQ 360. This includes:

  • EQ-insights Newsletters - we share news and information about emotional intelligence, the EQ-i 2.0 & EQ 360, and any new product developments.

  • EQ-insights Webinars - we discuss topics such gaining buy in, interpretation challenges and coaching with the EQ-i 2.0.

  • Gaining Buy in Resources - we provide resources to help you market the EQ-i 2.0 & EQ 360 to your own clients and organisations.

  • System Demonstrations - we explain how to use the system to administer assessments and generate reports.

What people say:

"I recommend this course for practitioners/coaches looking to expand their toolkit with a valid and reliable EQ assessment.  The course balances technical and practical input really well, so you will leave feeling well equipped and confident using the EQ-i 2.0 with your clients."

Nikki Bell, Department for Work and Pensions

"A fun, engaging and relevant course - I absolutely recommend! I came knowing very little about EQ-i 2.0 and left not only knowing much more about it but also having explored it and practised my new skills so I'm now confident I can apply it in the workplace straight away, and I'm looking forward to it!"

Tanja Pelny, Brown-Forman

"I was quite apprehensive about doing the EQi 2.0 and EQ 360 Certification Program virtually because I knew I would have to spend a lot of time in front of the computer and I thought it would be really draining. I was, however, pleasantly surprised! There was no difference between how I usually feel at the end of a face-to-face training session and how I felt at the end of this course. The process from start to finish was simple, the trainers were both friendly and professional and the course was interesting, interactive and enjoyable. I will definitely be using Psysoft for future training courses."

Elaine Rémy, Coaching for Transition

“Thank you for an excellent course, delivered by a knowledgeable and engaged trainer. I feel very well equipped to provide the EQi 2.0 and EQ360 tool to my clients, interpret the reports and provide feedback sessions. Being able to undertake the programme remotely worked extremely well and was much more convenient.”

Nicola Williams, North Bristol NHS Trust

"This was my first experience of webinar-based learning and was excellent. The trainer was excellent and the course was delivered in a user-friendly and efficient way. The pre-course material was also very clear and along with the opportunity to carry out your own self-assessment this really helped to reinforce was what being covered, making the final exam a very straightforward task and giving me confidence to use this tool with clients.”

Louise Yates, Clear Perspectives

"The initial training received was superb and allows you the opportunity to put into practice the coaching skills immediately. The post-training support is also highly responsive.”

Phillip Westermeyer, Starr Underwriting Agents Limited

EQ-i 2.0 Certification Content 

Course Content

  • Emotions and Emotional Intelligence

  • EQ-i 2.0 Scale Descriptions and Elements

  • EQ-i 2.0 Psychometric Properties

  • Interpretation & Ethics

  • EQ-i 2.0 Feedback Practice

  • Leadership & EQ 360

  • System Overview

Upon successful completion of the course exam, delegates will become fully qualified to use both the EQ-i 2.0 and the EQ 360 and will receive a certificate from the EQ-i test publisher, MHS. Qualified practitioners are provided with an online account for the MHS EQ-i 2.0 testing portal to administer the assessments and generate reports. You then only pay for the EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360 reports when they are generated.

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EQ-i Training Certification Options

We provide a number of options for you to become qualified:

  1. Online EQ-i 2.0 live training (public course)

  2. Bespoke EQ-i 2.0 training for organisation groups

  3. Bespoke Online EQ-i 2.0 training for individuals

Option 1   EQ-i 2.0 Live Training (Online)

Programme Structure

  • Completion of the EQ-i 2.0 assessment online

  • Completion of introductory e-learning modules (1.5 hours)

  • Receiving feedback on own EQ-i 2.0 results by telephone

  • Attending a series of live webinars over a 2-day period - view dates

  • Completion of the EQ-i 2.0 post-course exam

Benefits of Online Training

  • Become EQ-i 2.0 qualified from anywhere in the world

  • Learn in the comfort of your own home or office

  • No need to travel - saving time and money

  • Familiarise yourself with course materials in advance of the session


Frequently asked questions


Q. How does the online EQ-i 2.0 certification work?

A. We use the popular Zoom software to deliver the live online EQ-i 2.0 training and you will be sent instructions on how to access the system beforehand. The sessions include interactive and engaging exercises and discussions, facilitated by an experienced Psysoft trainer and delivered across a 2 day period. The course workbook and handouts will be sent to you in advance of the training.

Q. What technology do I need for the training?

A. You can use a laptop, desktop computer or a tablet with an Internet connection. Your computer will need a microphone and speaker and ideally a webcam.

Option 2    EQ-i 2.0 training for groups (online or on your organisation's site)

If you have a group of people within your organisation who require training, we will be pleased to deliver the EQ-i 2.0 certification programme, either online or on your organisation's site. We can tailor the course to your needs and deliver it on a date convenient to you.

Option 3    Bespoke EQ-i 2.0 training for individuals (online)


We will be pleased to deliver the EQ-i 2.0 certification to individuals on a preferred date of their choice. Please contact us to discuss how we can tailor the course to your requirements.

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