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Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test

About the MSCEIT 

The Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT) is a reliable ability-based measure of emotional intelligence, developed by academics at Yale and the University of New Hampshire.

Using a variety of interesting and creative tasks, the MSCEIT provides clients with a total EI score, a strategic and experiential score, the eight individual task scores and four branch scores.


These four branches of Mayer and Salovey’s EI model are:


  1. Perceiving Emotions: The ability to perceive emotions in yourself and others as well as in stories, pictures and other stimuli

  2. Using Emotions: The ability to use and feel emotions in order to effectively facilitate thoughts and communicate feelings 

  3. Understanding Emotions: The ability to understand emotional information, including how emotions combine, progress and relate to each other

  4. Managing Emotions: The ability to be open to feelings whilst simultaneously being able to modulate them in oneself and others 


This performance-based approach is ideal for situations where respondents may want to create a positive impression or 'fake good.'

MSCEIT Diagram.png

MSCEIT Certification

We provide MSCEIT certification training courses in London as well as in-house training and online certification options. 

MSCEIT Assessment

If you, or your team, would like to complete the MSCEIT assessment, then please contact us for more details.

Further information, including sample reports, can be found on the Resources page.

MSCEIT Reports

The MSCEIT results can be generated into 2 reports. These are:

  • MSCEIT Personal Summary Report: This report presents an overview of the  MSCEIT scores both graphically and numerically, and describes the purpose and meaning of each of the scores.

  • MSCEIT Resource Report: This report includes detailed descriptions of the history and rationale behind the MSCEIT and its tasks. The Total EI, ability scores and task scores are all presented graphically. This report is designed for respondents to receive during a feedback session, and offers specific suggestions about how they can improve or use their emotional intelligence skills.

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