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BPS Test User Training
2023 Offer

BPS Test User: Occupational, Ability & Personality
2023 Offer


25% Discount

Gain the BPS Test User qualification!


We are currently offering a 25% discount* on the BPS Test User: Occupational, Personality, Ability & Personality Training on 15-16 March 2023. Previously known as BPS Level A and B Test Training and verified by the British Psychological Society, this course will qualify you in both ability and personality assessment.

* The 25% discount applies to the live Zoom course dates of 15-16 March 2023. The price of the course is £1,460 + VAT compared to the usual price of £1,950 + VAT. You can view alternative dates and prices here.

Benefits of the BPS Test User Qualification


Completing this course will:

  • Provide you with a nationally recognised qualification in psychometric testing

  • Enable you to purchase a wide range of cognitive ability tests from the UK's leading test publishers (visit the BPS website for further details).

  • Certify you in the HUCAMA Factors assessment suite, including the HUCAMA Personality Factors assessment

  • Allow you to use additional personality assessments by attending 'conversion' training courses with the relevant test publisher.  

Course Details

Who is the training for?

The course is designed for people using psychometric assessments in recruitment, learning & development, talent management, coaching and leadership development.

How is the training structured?

The training consists of a combination of independent self-paced learning (around 18 hours) together with live Zoom training (2 days) to qualify you in the HUCAMA suite of ability, personality and competency assessments.

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HUCAMA Factors


Our BPS Test User training also includes accreditation in the HUCAMA Factors assessments so that you start to use ability, personality and competency assessments straight away.

HUCAMA Personality Factors is based on years of personality assessment research and developed by Dr Rainer Kurz, one of the UK's leading designers of psychometric instruments.

You can learn more about the test publisher here.

BPS Test User Training 2023 Offer

To take advantage of the discounted price of £1,460 (compared to the usual price of £1,950), please complete the booking form below.

Alternatively, please contact us with any questions or to discuss your requirements further with one of our consultants.

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