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A Customer Service Game-Changer

Ever experienced good customer service somewhere and spread the word to family and friends? Or felt disappointed with the customer service you received, so you now avoid the place all together?

Customer service is important in today’s competitive market and has a huge impact on our first impressions and subsequent behaviour. According to research, 73% of people in the UK say friendly customer service made them fall in love with a brand, and 86% are willing to pay more for a better customer experience*.

So, what makes a ‘good’ customer service professional?

There are 7 key competencies that relate to Customer Service performance and if properly harnessed, can predict success in customer service positions.

1. Achievement Motivation: using one’s inner drive to attain strategic goals

2. Composure: staying calm under pressure and in difficult situations

3. Cooperativeness: feeling comfortable working with others towards a common goal

4. Customer Orientation: having a desire to help others and understand their perspective

5. Sociability: engaging with others and developing relationships

6. Self-Confidence: believing in one’s own abilities and judgments

7. Upselling: using strategies to increase value and organisational income

How are they measured you ask?

The Customer Service Aptitude Profile (CS AP) is an online questionnaire that measures all 7 key competencies. It takes no longer than 15 minutes to complete and provides an insight into how an individual would behave within a customer service role.

So, whether you’re looking to develop the skills of your customer service professionals, or looking to onboard exceptional customer service employees, why not focus on these 7 key competencies for success and use the CS AP to measure them.

It'll be a game-changer.

Find out more about the CS AP and the key to customer service success here: Customer Service Aptitude Profile | Psysoft

*Weinstein, A. (2020). Creating Superior Customer Value in the Now Economy. Journal of Creating Value, 6(1), 20-33.

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