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Helping Your Employees Achieve Their Goals

New year’s resolutions – yes, it’s that time of year again!

Now that the holidays and celebrations have ended, you may have noticed that the familiar conversation about goals and resolutions has begun. At the start of each new year, individuals will take the time to reflect on their lives and consider new ways they can change for the better. Of course, putting this into practice is easier said than done.

According to the “Meaning and Accomplishment” pillar of workplace wellbeing, individuals who persist with personal goals are more likely to feel a sense of meaning and purpose at work, remain focused on the future and be highly motivated to succeed.

So, how can you help your employees achieve their goals? Try working together to create a commitment plan by using the GROW framework.


What is the goal they are setting? Make this specific and relevant to their wider objectives.


What resources do they need to help them achieve this goal?


What obstacles might get in the way of their goal? How could you help them overcome any challenges they might face?


When do they want to achieve this goal by? Set a date, stick to it and check in with them regularly.

Make the transition into the new year a stress-free period, by using GROW to help your employees successfully achieve their goals and in turn, improve their wellbeing.

The GROW framework can be used to develop other pillars of workplace wellbeing too, including positive emotions, relationships, engagement and resilience. To find out more about how to develop workplace wellbeing using the GROW framework, read about The Wellbeing Workshop, or contact us today.

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