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Switching off over Christmas

3 top tips to help employees unwind during the festive season

For many, Christmas is the most joyful time of year. A chance to take time away from workplace responsibilities and enjoy the company of friends and family at home.

But more and more of us are finding it increasingly difficult to switch off after work and leave our duties within the 4 walls of the office. So how do we ensure that we truly unwind during the festive season this year?

Well, here are 3 top tips that we think will help:

1. Boundary management

It’s important to set boundaries and manage expectations of clients, customers and contacts at an early stage, by being clear about response times over the festive season. Ensure you turn on your ‘out of office’ for all email communication, with explicit information as to when you will respond upon your return.

2. Physical detachment

When we find it difficult to mentally detach from work, it can often help to stay clear of work-related materials physically. Perhaps lock your work computer away in a drawer during your time off or keep your work phone on silent in a separate room. Like the saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’, you’ll be less inclined to think about work over Christmas if you allow yourself physical space away from work-related materials.

3. Look out for symptoms of stress and burnout

Listen to your mind and body throughout the run-up to Christmas and during the festive break. It’s vital to pay attention to symptoms of stress and burnout and act in a way that will reduce these feelings over Christmas, especially for those who cannot avoid work altogether. Strategies to manage stress may include asking colleagues for additional support, or prioritising tasks to manage a heavy workload.

So, take the time this year to truly switch off over Christmas and follow our 3 top tips to help you do so. As a result, you’ll find yourself feeling much more energised for work in the new year, and raring to tackle anything and everything that 2024 may bring.

Wishing you a restful Christmas break and a Happy New Year!

Learn more about how you can manage stress and burnout by developing your emotional intelligence: What is Emotional Intelligence? | Psysoft

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