Recruitment Services

Our recruitment services can be used to help you recruit and select the most suitable candidates for a role.

Psychometric Testing 

We provide a convenient and efficient psychometric testing service using a broad range of psychometric tests from the UK’s leading test publishers. These include tests of personality, motivation, emotional intelligence and cognitive ability. Using these tests in your selection process can help you to find out more about your candidates’ suitability for the job role.

You can select one of our popular test packages or alternatively choose your own combination of individual tests.

If you’re not sure which tests are most suitable, please contact us to discuss. You may also send us details of the job role (e.g. job description, person specification etc.) and we will provide free guidance.

For full details, contact us or visit our partner website Psycentre.


Job Fit Reports

Our consultants can map assessments to your organisation’s competency framework and use this to evaluate each candidate’s fit to the role. The report will identify strengths, concerns and interview questions for each of the candidates based on their results.

Assessment Centres

We design and deliver assessment centres, using a variety of methods, to assess a group of candidates in relation to a particular job role.


We use a combination of off-the-shelf and bespoke exercises depending on your requirements and the process is designed to accommodate your organisation’s needs. The assessment centre uses a variety of assessment methods such as group discussions, work sample tests, competency-based interviews, situational judgement tests, role plays and ability and personality tests. These assessments can be mapped to your organisation's competency framework so that candidate's skills are measures against specific job-related competencies. Using a broad combination of exercises will ensure that the best candidates are identified.

Our assessment centres are designed to be comprehensive and effective but still at a reasonable price. The prices will depend on several factors such as the number of people assessed, the exercises used, and the number of assessors required.

Contact us to find out more.