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The Benefits of Assessing Personality

How personality assessments can help in the workplace

Personality assessments are becoming increasingly popular in the workplace today. They are valuable and versatile tools for organisations, with applications for recruitment, development, and enhancing company culture.

An individual’s personality preferences influence their behaviours in the workplace and predict factors such as job performance and wellbeing. Therefore incorporating personality assessments into workplace initiatives can help benefit not just the individual, but also their team and the wider organisation.

So, what are the benefits of measuring personality in the workplace?

Promote self-awareness

The foundation of personal and professional growth lies in self-awareness. The capacity to understand your own personality preferences provides you with an insight into how these preferences can help or potentially hinder you in different workplace situations. For example, an individual who shows a strong preference for orderliness may be likely to struggle improvising and working in unstructured environments, but is likely to thrive when completing careful and systematic tasks. By increasing your self-awareness, you are better able to see how your personality can impact your job performance and working relationships. It also allows you to leverage your strengths, and develop strategies for situations where your preferences may be less helpful.

Encourage team cohesion

Using personality assessments to promote self-awareness in an organisation extends beyond just the individual, also impacting those around them. This knowledge enables individuals to appreciate the difference in how others prefer to work and communicate which helps to avoid unhealthy conflict, and contributes towards improving communication and collaboration. Being mindful of others’ personality preferences in the workplace also helps teams to work better together, by understanding how they complement one another’s strengths.

It is also important to recognise that organisations can leverage the various, diverse personalities within a team. Having different personalities results in different perspectives within a team and this can be used to help solve problems and challenges together. It is the combination of varying personalities, and an awareness of them, that encourages a cohesive and effective team.

Improve hiring decisions

Incorporating personality assessments into the recruitment process provides an effective route towards enhancing hiring decisions. One such way can be to identify the key competencies, behaviours, and values required for a position. You can then map personality traits to these competencies, and use a personality assessment to analyse candidates’ profiles. This not only allows you to compare candidates’ fit for the role, but also provides you with the opportunity to ask targeted interview questions and gain a better understanding of how their personality preferences may influence their workplace behaviours.

Personality assessments such as HUCAMA Personality Factors provide invaluable insights into individuals' dispositional traits, strengths, and potential overuse risks. This assessment can also generate Competency Prediction Reports to predict an individual’s competencies in the workplace using their personality preferences, as well as a Team Roles Report, highlighting their preferred role within a team.

Learn more about HUCAMA Factors here, or contact us to find out how we can help you enhance your work using personality assessments.

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