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It's not all about gut instinct...

Using psychometric testing in recruitment

Every recruiter wants to find the best candidate for the job. Someone who fits not only the job description and person specification, but also the organisational culture.

Typically, candidates are assessed through the use of CVs, application forms or interviews. These are all popular approaches in recruitment and selection, but are somewhat reliant on the employer's own views and opinions. As a result, decisions may be more prone to cognitive bias and subjectivity, increasing the risk of making mistakes in the process.

So how can organisations reduce the risk of bias when recruiting top talent and avoid relying on gut instinct?

The answer is simple; Psychometrics.

Psychometric assessments are used in recruitment to assess a candidate's suitability for a role. There are a variety of tests available, measuring constructs such as ability, personality, emotional intelligence and behavioural style. Using these assessments in conjunction with more traditional approaches will help provide tangible data and benefit the organisation and the candidate in many ways.

Psychometrics provide:

  1. A more objective, holistic view of the candidate, by not solely relying on interviews and individual judgement.

  2. A standardised form of measurement, to ensure the process is fair and the same for all individuals.

  3. A more predictive analysis of how the candidate will behave in the job itself. This ensures that the most suitable person is employed, saving time and money in the long term.

So, let's avoid relying on that 'gut instinct' feeling when making recruitment and selection decisions, and instead, pair traditional approaches with psychometric testing and its tangible measures. This will offer a deeper level of understanding to determine whether a candidate is suitable for the role at hand, allowing organisations to make better, informed decisions about who to take on board.

Learn more about Psychometric Testing and how to best recruit and select the most suitable candidate for a role.

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